Apple Watch vs Fitbit Blaze Review Comparison

So Tiffany and I have owned Apple Watches for almost a year and when I saw the Fitbit blaze was releasing I wanted to give it a shot to see how it compares to the Apple Watch. So I bought one and have now owned it for over a month and wanted to give you a small comparison between the two and give you the pros and cons of each device.

Quick iPhone pics of the blaze and 42mm apple watch side by side

apple watch vs fitbit flex thicknessPIN THIS

apple watch vs fitbit flex thicknessPIN THIS

apple watch vs fitbit blaze comparison reviewPIN THIS

First off let’s talk about the apple watch

APPLE WATCH ~$349-$399 for the sport version depending on face size

If you haven’t heard about the apple watch yet you must be living under a rock. It’s apples latest and greatest product that functions as a watch, fitness tracker, and a million other functions via built in and third party apps.

First the PROS:

Sexy design with multiple functions via all the cool apps.

Water resistant. Although I wasn’t brave enough to fully test this one, there have been several youtube tests where they went swimming with the watch fully submerged for 5 minutes and it came out working perfectly still. We claim no responsibility should you decide to swim with your apple watch so do so at your own risk. Tiffany was brave enough down in Zion National Park this summer to swim with her apple watch on and stayed in the pool for at least an hour with it in and out of the water and it survived. Here’s a picture of the apple watch underwater taken with my go pro. We both have the apple care plus protection plan that covers us, but again I urge you to use caution and we bear no responsibility for any damage incurred from doing the same as we have.

apple watch underwater water resistant PIN THIS

Convenient being able to see text and phone call notifications while working out and responding to texts with Siri.

Heart rate tracking real time, which is nice when you are going for different burn goals, you can pace yourself and see live how your heart rate is doing.

Integrated with a ton of apps that I use often like RunKeeper, Nike Running. Able to start and stop runs and see live distance and pace information without having to whip out my gargantuan iPhone 6+.

Notification settings that remind you to get up and move around.

Fun badges and awards to earn, I always love a challenge and it’s motivating to collect each badge they offer.

Now onto the CONS:

No sleep tracking

Limited battery life, must charge nightly.

Must start workouts for most accuracy, so if you forget to start a workout, I don’t feel it’s as accurate. I forgot to start the apple watch workout app before a 60 minute cross fit session and the calories burned for the day were super low even though I worked my butt off and it didn’t count my workout as exercise minutes. So kind of a small hassle to remember to start the workout app before hitting it hard and activating beast mode.

Limited fitness activities in the workout app, the items to choose from are pretty basic. Hoping they add more options in the future.

No friends or community, no challenges, etc. It feels kind of alone and doesn’t offer much bragging rights or motivation to have a community of friends seeing your activity and step count etc.

Other than that I really have enjoyed my apple watch so far and really hope they continue to come out with more 3rd party apps and even more tracking abilities with the watch.

Fitbit Blaze ~$199

Fitbits newest fitness tracker smart watch.

First the PROS:

By far my favorite part of the new fitbit Blaze is the battery life. According to fitbit, the blaze battery lasts up to five days and only takes 2 hours to fully charge. This was one of my big selling points as I hated charging my apple watch nightly and having the battery drain so fast on long hikes. I can tell you the fitbit battery life is amazing. I have tested it many times and am constantly syncing and updating with my phone to check my stats and it truly does last 5 days before the battery says low and needs a 2 hour refresh.

Next is sleep tracking, I love that it offers sleep tracking because Im always curious on how well Im sleeping and the quality I get each night. I wear my fitbit flex 24 hours now and love reading the reports each night.

Community and Friends:)The think I felt was lacking the most on the apple watch. You get to add all your Facebook friends, phone contacts that use fitbit and compete in challenges with each other. So many different ways to be motivated in that community and to cheer and compete with each other. I love this and hope this is something that apple catches on to and implements soon.

Heart rate tracking 24/7 and auto exercise recognition.

Floors climbed tracking. I also love this feature that the apple watch is missing. Get credit for taking the stairs instead of the elevator and for going hiking.

GPS with phone. It connects to your phone for runs and tracks GPS and maps your routes.

Text, Call, and Calendar notifications. See who texted and what they said, who’s calling you, and what appointment alerts are going off on your watch.

Compatible with myfitnesspal. So that means you log your meals in the app and it syncs it over to fitbit showing you a true count of calories burned vs calories you took in. You can also log food in the fitbit app itself and they have a huge database and scan capabilities too for food upc’s

So many badges and medals to unlock. Distance traveled badges, flights climbed badges, step count badges etc. So fun and motivating to earn and unlock them all.

The fitbit app is so beautiful and full of stats for you number appreciating zealots like myself

Now let’s talk about some of the downfalls and CONS:

Not waterproof. Unlike the apple watch, this is something you would never want to shower with, swim with, or get very wet. I don’t mind because I don’t swim and never showered with my apple watch on either, but this is definitely a downside to the blaze vs the apple watch.

Even though it shows alerts, you aren’t able to actually reply or take phone calls or message back on it, it’s read only. For me I don’t mind because with the apple watch I found myself pulling out my phone anyways and never utilized any of the third party apps. Tiffany uses all those features and apps so she’s all for the apple watch, but Im way more into the fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and community so even though Im an apple fanboy and own all things mac and apple, I ended up selling my apple watch and fell in love with my fitbit.

Since it’s so new, there is a lack of third party bands. I loved how the apple watch had an easy to swap out band system and so many third party options. Although there are more options coming out for the fitbit blaze, the bands aren’t as easy to swap out and the few that I’ve ordered off amazon third party, weren’t as quality made as the many apple watch bands I bought. I imagine this will change in the near future.


Now let’s go over a couple of tracking comparisons taken on the first day I got my fitbit blaze. For the below exercises, I wore the fitbit blaze on my left hand and the apple watch on my right hand and performed three different exercises. A quick elliptical workout, A treadmill workout, and then a weight circuit. I was surprised how close both trackers were with their results.

First the Elliptical

Apple Watch results


Fitbit Blaze results:


Apple Results for Weights:

Fitbit Blaze results for Weights:PIN THIS

Apple results for Treadmill:


Fitbit Blaze results for treadmill:

So in conclusion, if you are all about community and fitness/sleep tracking and battery life, go with the fitbit blaze. For the money you can’t go wrong. If you are a little less about the fitness and want more functionality and third party apps with more bells and whistles then maybe the apple watch is more for you. I never thought I would find anything to replace my fitness watch but now that I’ve had my blaze for over a month Im in love.

So Dustin’s vote is for the fitbit Blaze and Tiffany is still sold on her apple watch.

If any of you are on fitbit, I would love to be friends, drop your fitbit usernames here and I’ll be sure to add you, or feel free to add me

Until next time 😉 believe in yourself and go crush some goals.